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Hcg Diet Low Calorie Foods


Foods choices to help your hcg diet success   When it comes to the hcg diet protocol sometimes finding foods low in calories can become an issue. It is becoming widely known that this low calorie diet protocol when combined … Continue reading


How to Overcome an HCG Diet Plateau?


Human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG, is a hormone that is produced in the pituitary gland of both males and females, as well as pregnant females. HCG supplements have been shown to produce significant weight loss in most individuals without exercise. … Continue reading


7 Misunderstandings Concerning the HCG Diet

weight loss

The HCG diet has been a very polarizing topic in the medical and fitness communities. Opponents and proponents go back and forth on who might be right and who might be wrong. In the meantime both sides tend to throw … Continue reading


Dr. Oz Discusses HCG on his show

Dr. Oz speaks with guests and experts about HCG and it’s effectiveness     We get a lot of questions regarding HCG and the HCG diet protocol and we take calls and answer questions on our Facebook page to those … Continue reading


Mongolian Beef with Cabbage Low Cal

Tasty Mongolian Beef with Cabbage Dinner Mongolian Beef has a really good taste to it – especially when served with Cabbage. We came up with this very easy to make Recipe that you and your entire family will enjoy. It’s … Continue reading


Yummy Low Cal Scrambled Egg Whites

The Yummy Scrambled Egg Whites Breakfast Eggs are absolutely full of protein and they’re super easy to cook and make dishes. However the yolk is not very healthy, so instead I use egg whites. Egg Whites by itself can be … Continue reading


Low Cal Sweet & Sour Chicken

The Healthier HCG Chicken Recipes One of my favorite types of food is Chicken. Not only for the mere fact that it’s a great source of protein, but it’s also very healthy for you. For my Diet I normally buy … Continue reading


HCG Information for Newbies

hcg structure

*** This page is here for entertainment and informational purposes only. US HCG Shots encourages readers to seek the advice of a trained medical professional before starting a weight management program of any type. **** Overview The HCG Diet Plan … Continue reading


What to do when you stall with the HCG Diet?

hcg diet stall what to do

What do you do when you stall with the HCG Diet?   First of all, as recommended for ANY diet/exercise program; you should have a log, including the hcg injection diet. How you feel, how your exercise is going today, … Continue reading


HCG Diet Dangers

hcg diet dangers

What are some of the dangers of the HCG Diet?   First, I long term find that 500 calories is not enough calories to sustain a body throughout the course of a day. “The FDA claims a 500 calorie diet … Continue reading