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Going on the HCG Diet? An Honest Look at things to Consider

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According to the Food and Research Action Center (FRAC) more than two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese which of course correlates to the massive surge in supplements, gyms and other weight loss type of industries. A very common … Continue reading


Exercise while on the HCG diet

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A question that many new dieters go into the HCG diet with is whether or not exercise is acceptable while on the program. While most exercise should be avoided during the HCG diet program, an important note to remember going … Continue reading


Why is my HCG Diet Plan Not Working?

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A few complaints made by HCG dieters are the lack of desired weight loss, no weight loss at all, or even weight gain. When any of these happen, especially to the first time dieter, they are quick to panic and … Continue reading


What are Homeopathic HCG Drops?

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Due to the recent growth in popularity of the HCG diet program, HCG drops have flooded the market, with two different types readily available; the homeopathic HCG drops, and the prescription grade HCG drops. While both pharmaceutical HCG injections and … Continue reading


HCG Phase 3: What is it?

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What is Phase 3 of the HCG DIET? Phase 3 of the HCG plan is known as the maintenance phase, this is when you have completed the HCG diet protocol and now you are trying to stay roughly the same … Continue reading


What happens if I stall during the HCG diet?

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The average weight loss on the HCG diet is usually about half a pound to a pound and a half a day, and the most weight is generally lost in the first week of the diet; which is a good … Continue reading


Are HCG Injections the Most Efficient Method of taking HCG?

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One of the biggest questions in the mind of someone about to try the HCG diet for the first time is the actual application of the hormone itself, whether they should try the pharmaceutical HCG injections, or pharmaceutical HCG drops. … Continue reading


Are there Alternative HCG Diet Plans?

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In the 1950’s Dr. ATW Simeons introduced a weight loss protocol that emphasized combining HCG injections with a strict very low calorie diet in order to achieve rapid weight loss results. Over the years this program has come under scrutiny … Continue reading


Hcg Diet Low Calorie Foods


Foods choices to help your hcg diet success   When it comes to the hcg diet protocol sometimes finding foods low in calories can become an issue. It is becoming widely known that this low calorie diet protocol when combined … Continue reading


How to Overcome an HCG Diet Plateau?


Human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG, is a hormone that is produced in the pituitary gland of both males and females, as well as pregnant females. HCG supplements have been shown to produce significant weight loss in most individuals without exercise. … Continue reading