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The Highest Quality Products - Great Service – At an Affordable Price

Regardless if you’re getting started on an HCG diet for the first time or if you’re an experience HCG dieter, USHCGShots.com is the perfect place for you. We offer low-priced, high quality, USA made HCG kits, distributed through licensed pharmacies right here in the USA!

That’s right, USHCGShots.com is where to buy HCG injections online in the USA!

USHCGShots.com Makes Buying HCG Online Easy

 So easy that you will receive a review by a licensed physician during a telemedicine consultation within 24-48 hours of placing your order. Our service ensures you’re receiving the top-quality HCG shots online, coming directly from a US Compounding Pharmacy.

Forget the hassle and embarrassment of going to your local doctor for HCG approval. Visit USHCGShots.com and buy HCG injections online today, from the comfort of your own home.

Our orders will only be processed if the physician feels you are a suitable candidate for the HCG injections for sale, giving you piece of mind and a feeling of relief once you order your HCG online and start your diet program.

Most of our kits even come with dosage information & information for mixing, not to mention they include mixing supplies, alcohol pads, and syringes.


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