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Research Concludes that a Single B Vitamin Deficiency May Lead to Health Issues

b vitamin deficiency research

Riordan Clinic Researchers conducted a study on rats to determine what effects a deficiency of a single B vitamin may have.  B Vitamins have long been known to promote glucose metabolism, healthy cell formation and boosting metabolism.

Rats deprived of vitamin b1 experienced lower physical activity than other rats, they stopped growing after two weeks of becoming deficient and fur became brittle resulting in up to 50% of total hair loss during that time.  Adding b1 back to the diet resulted in restoration of fur and normal growth.

Depriving the rats of vitamin b5 resulted in the animals appearing ill and fur that began graying rapidly. Aside from reduced growth there were no other obvious signs of illness.

The rats that were deficient in vitamin b6 grew half the size of the animals in the control group and also developed painful inflammation in the nose, tail, feet and ears. In addition to these symptoms the rats also had a reduced appetite and weakness.

Some rats in the group that was deficient in vitamins b9 and b12 as well as choline ended up with precancerous lesions in the liver.

It is important to note that these conditions occurred with just a single vitamin b deficiency. It is not just possible but likely that a deficiency of multiple B vitamins may result in multiple and/or more severe conditions as described above.

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