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Portion Control

Portion control is not something I enjoy worrying about but it is important to weight loss and maintaining your weight. Correct portion sizes have been distorted over the years. Just look at fast food restaurants with their Supersized options or … Continue reading


Top 10 Things Thin People Do Differently

thin people food

Top 10 Things Thin People Do Differently Some people are genetically predisposed to being thin no matter what they eat. We see them in front of us at fast food restaurants ordering super-sized orders of French fries, shakes and double … Continue reading


Too Hot for Handle Bars?


Too Hot for Handle Bars? How to Exercise Safely in the Heat of Summer We wait for it all year long, dreaming of day-long bike rides, picnics, barbecues, and lemonade stands for the kids. But when summer heat indexes are … Continue reading


Addicted to Non-food items? This May Be Why.


Addicted to Non-food items? This May Be Why. Sure, everyone’s got something they’ve simply got to have. How many times have you heard someone say they’re “addicted” to chocolate, ice cream,  or salty foods like chips, or maybe they need … Continue reading


Should You Mix Alcohol With Supplements?


Should You Mix Alcohol With Supplements? Peanut butter and jelly. Bagels and cream cheese. Oil and water. There are some things that are made for each other, and some that just don’t mix. In fact, they may be contraindicated. Among … Continue reading


Winter Sports and Cookouts—a Day for “Chillin” Together!


Winter Sports and Cookouts—a Day for “Chillin” Together! Hankering for the smell of juicy burgers, savory sausages, moist chicken or peppery steaks on the grill? Staring wistfully at last summer’s hot dog or marshmallow skewers that have sidled to the … Continue reading


Thinking Outside the Pyramid: New U.S. Dietary Guidelines


Diet is a large concern these days in the US and many families are concerned with their health and weightloss. If your idea of the four food groups includes pizza, burgers, onion rings and a nightly quart of Ben & … Continue reading


What Makes Tom Run—or Pass?

tom brady on bike

Is the diet for this brand of Brady bunch full of it? It isn’t Krispy Crème donuts that quicken this quarterback’s step. According to Tom Brady’s personal chef, Allen Campbell, you won’t find him, supermodel wife Giselle Bundchen or their … Continue reading


Top 8 Nutrition Hacks


Tired of feeling deprived and snacking only on what’s “good for you” without much spice or variety? Or else you go overboard, eating what’s “bad,” believing your penance involves returning to the harsh, subsistence bread-and-water diet (minus the bread). These … Continue reading


Should You Exercise When You’re Sick?


It’s winter, and though different regions of the country experience varying weather extremes all the way from sub-freezing and snowy to mild and rainy, illness seems to increase everywhere. Colds, strep, upper respiratory and painful sinus infections, along with the … Continue reading