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B12 shots for Bursitis treatment

Is B12 a viable treatment for bursitis?

treatment for bursitis

B12 is an incredible little vitamin that has proven to have a diverse range of benefits. With benefits such as red blood cell formation, metabolism boosting, energy production, nervous system improvement, mood enhancement and weight loss it is no wonder that millions of people look to supplement this product.

B12 is a water soluble vitamin that needs to be consumed daily; some estimates state that one third of the population has a vitamin b deficiency. As a water soluble vitamin b cannot be absorbed or created by the human body, any excess is simply passed through urine and there have been no reported cases of an overdose of b12, even by doctors who prescribe large doses of the vitamin to patients.

With all of these amazing benefits and the safety of the product there is no way it can possibly be better right? In the immortal words of Lee Corso, “Not so fast my friend!”

There is an old bursitis treatment that is based on b12 shots and still today many doctors use this method to those in need of a treatment for bursitis. 50 years ago a doctor named Irving S. Klemes took forty patients, all suffering from sub deltoid bursitis (or shoulder bursitis) and gave them b12 injections as part of a test.

Nearly all of the subjects experienced pain relief from the b12 treatment, some within just a few hours and in a little over a month all but three of the patients were completely pain free.

The treatment is extremely simple, take 1 CC of vitamin B12; we suggest methylcobalamin shots because this form is easily absorbed in the body, once per day for a week. After week one then the dose is 1 cc for 3 days, followed by another cc twice per week and finally 1 cc per week until the pain goes away.

Many doctors agree that even with the advancement of medicine and technology that this method of bursitis treatment is still the best one despite its age.