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Glutathione Benefits


Glutathione is an antioxidant that is present in every cell and is known as the mother of all anti-oxidants.  Glutathione is known to repair body damage cause by all sorts of outside forces like stress, radiation, drugs, aging, burns, injury and trauma.

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Most anti-oxidants are known for their ability to destroy cell damaging free radicals but because glutathione is present within the cells it holds a tactical advantage over other types of anti-oxidants and it is even helpful in boosting the immune system for this very reason.

How can I get Glutathione

Glutathione is available in foods such as fruits, fresh vegetables and even meats, but when on a calorie restricted diet or intense workout regimen or even drinking alcohol people may find themselves with lower levels of glutathione.  Supplements are available that contain this anti-oxidant but it is poorly digested. An effective option is glutathione shots.


Research has proven that glutathione has the ability to help fight off most diseases and conditions. Of particular interest is the ability to fight off free radical damage which is one of the leading causes of ailments that are associated with growing older.

Some of the uses of Glutathione include the treatment of Alzheimer’s, cataracts, male infertility, Parkinson disease and even cancer. The most successful studies were those that involved a group of women with ovarian cancer. The results were astonishing; the women who were treated with glutathione and chemotherapy had fewer side effects from the treatment and also had higher survival rates!

There are so many glutathione benefits that one article does not do it justice. Other uses for the anti-oxidant range from hang over remedy to post workout recovery to fighting off the common cold.When it comes to curing what ails you there is no more powerful anti oxidant than glutathione.

US HCG Shots offers a glutathione injection to provide rapid availability in the blood stream.