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Glutathione- The Supplement of the Stars?


Glutathione is one of the best supplements most of us have never heard of. It is present in our body and is produced naturally to fight off free radicals and clear the body of toxins and oxidative stress. Before you think oxidative stress is only a symptom of someone that is sick or weak, understand that intense physical activity, such as a workout, is known to create oxidative stress.

 (Oxidative stress occurs when the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), often referred to as “free radicals,” exceeds antioxidant defense (Halliwell and Cross, 1994; Sies, 1997).)


In our previous article we describe many of the Benefits  of Glutathione but were you aware that many celebrities use Glutathione?

For instance many Filipino celebrities use this anti-oxidant for its skin health properties including skin whitening.

Brad Pitt is known to take a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and amino acid via IV, Glutathione is one of them.

Probably most well known for her use of Glutathione is Suzanne Somers is a 66 year old actress that has claimed that through the use of hormone replacement and glutathione that she was successfully able to beat breast cancer instead of traditional methods.

In addition to this statement she has claimed that she looks better, feels better and is still very active even well into her 6th decade of life.

Glutathione levels are typically lower in people with chronic conditions as the body is using its stored glutathione to fight the illness. This creates a vicious circle because low levels of glutathione can lead to feeling or becoming ill and becoming ill saps your body’s glutathione level.

Luckily there are supplements that can help you raise your levels but be warned that oral supplements are only marginally effective at replacing this vital anti-oxidant. Hospitals and medical doctors often use IV’s to treat patients, including those undergoing chemotherapy, but a more practical solution might be glutathione injections.

You will get a full dose, done only twice per week and it is readily available in the bloodstream via IM shot.