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Natural Bodybuilding Workouts

natural bodybuilding workouts

What are some reliable natural bodybuilding workouts?


Being a Natural Bodybuilder encompasses an individual willing to put in the time, focus, energy, and commitment to workout, eat, sleep, drink, and play every day like a professional athlete in the realm of muscular growth, symmetry, and strength. To remain “natural” in this highly quick-fix world truly takes commitment. If you have a plan, work that plan, and adjust accordingly, you would be amazed at what your body can do just from eating a regimented diet, sleeping, stretching, and exercising hard.

First, for balance and symmetry, whatever you do to the front, you must do to the back in the same week. In other words, if you work chest and tri’s, you better work back and bi’s in the same week. The same goes for quads, hamstrings, calves and glutes. Develop your body in its entirety.  Pay attention to your body! If you have little traps, work them slow and tri a twice a week trap workout for pump them up so they will gain along with the rest of your body.

Remember, when you are lifting weights for strength and muscular development, control the weight you are lifting. Allow your tendons and connective tissue to grow along with the targeted muscle group so you can maintain your rate of strength with less chances of injury. Build a solid foundation then go for bulk.

As far as a good rule of thumb in training naturally for bodybuilding, try the ten sets of ten method. It is Natural Bodybuilding Training Method #2. Another route to go would be to remember to train equally the entire body but to get it done in one hour per day with one day off in between of every three workout days. This will allow for rest and growth.

I also believe all bodybuilders should do one or more hot yoga classes per week to stretch those muscles back out and train them in a calm oxygen inducing exercise setting. The gains from the heat will astound you. As always remember to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated makes a difference.

You must eat and supplement accordingly. Keeping a progress log will help you on your journey as well. Good Luck!