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Athletic Pro FAQ

What is Athletic Pro?

Athletic Pro is a combination lipotropic injection and energy booster for those on a serious workout program or those that are actively participating in sports or martial arts.


How does Athletic Pro work?

Athletic pro contains vitamins and minerals like many of our other products designed to metabolize stored fats for use as energy. In addition to the vitamin and mineral cocktail Athletic Pro also contains Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP) which transports chemical energy between cells.


IS ATP helpful?

As mentioned previously ATP is responsible for transferring chemical energy between cells for metabolism. Creatine is a very popular supplement with the athletic community and bodybuilding crowd. Creatine stored in the body converts to ATP during workouts which is reported to assist with strength gain, size and “pumps”.


What kind of program do you recommend on Athletic Pro?

Since many Athletic Pro clients are already active we suggest that you simply stay with the program you are currently using. If you have questions regarding a diet plan we recommend you check out our Lipo 7 faq which discusses some dietary guidelines for success.