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Tips and Tricks for Clean Eating

clean eating

Tips and Tricks for Clean Eating:

    1. An easy way to make sure you are getting the best fuel for your body is shopping the perimeter of the grocery store. These areas include produce, dairy, meat and seafood. Shopping the interior aisles lead you to the cookies, crackers and other processed foods that are filled with empty calories and little nutritional value.
    2. Whole grain vs. Multigrain – be careful of these terms. Whole grain means that all parts of the grain kernel is used and carries the best benefits. Multigrain means there are multiple grains in the food item but does not have the whole grain, these food items are processed and not best for clean eating. They often have more calories than the whole grain counterparts.
    3. When buying packaged foods review the list of ingredients. If there are items on that list that cannot be pronounced, you may want to consider making a homemade version instead.
    4. Reduce your alcohol intake. Mixed drinks usually include some sort of juice or soda, both high in calories. Not to mention high consumption of alcohol often leads to late night eating of fried bar foods or fast food stops.
    5. It’s hard to stay away from your favorite dressings and sauces. Don’t worry about cutting them out completely but instead try dipping your food items in the dressings or sauces for better control on your intake.
    6. Increase your veggie and fruit intake. They all don’t have to be fresh from the farm. Simple exchanges, like veggies instead of french fries or onion rings. Want a cool treat on a hot day? Freeze grapes and enjoy them to cool off instead of having ice cream or popsicles.
    7. Moderation! No need to cut all of your favorite foodsout of your diet. Try having a salad on pizza night to help fill you up so you eat 2 pieces instead of 4 .
    8. Drink more water. Often our body tells us we are hungry when all we really need is a glass of water. Try having a full glass of water before every meal to av oid over eating.